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Some of the younger workers (not all) who work in the Biloxi Canning Factory. On right-hand end of photo is Lazro Boney, 12 years old, been working 4 years at this factory. Both he and his mother said he makes $1.75 a day when shrimp are large and plentiful. He made $57.00 last year in 3 months. His brother Ed (not in photo) 14 years old, makes $2.25 on good days. Another brother, Pete, (one of the smallest in the photo) and 10 years old makes 50 cents a day. Two other brothers work at raw oysters; one, 17 years old, makes $4.00 a day. Eight ch[ildre]n in family. The mother said, Lazro goes to school when he ain't workin; but he's gettin' so he'd rather stay home with the boys than go to school. Family lives at 616 Charter St. Next to Lazro (in photo) is Jim Kriss, 11 years old, been working at this factory two years; makes $1.50 on good days. His brother Jo Kriss (in photo next to girl on left end) 12 years old, makes $1.00 a day. Another brother Ed, not in photo, 14 years averages $2.50 a day. Sister Marie 7 years old (see photo at home) works when not tending the baby, and makes 25 cents a day. Mother picks also. Youngest boy in photo is Tommy Davis, 8 years old. 918 Charter St. Worked last year. Ester Barton, a 12 year old boy also is the photo, couldn't spell his own name. Been working two years. Teeny Adams, girl on left end of photo, 11 years old, makes $1.15 some days. Missed three weeks of school last month, working. Works now before school, or all day. See also summary of young workers I found (on other label).

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